Obama Is Turning US Into a Regional Power

The US public is ambivalent about the use of force in both Europe, and the Middle East.

Me too.

I wish I had an answer, but history tells me that when the US has to come and retake geography that the feckless Europeans have given up — either without a shot or without many shots — then it takes three or four times as many troops to attack than it does to defend.

The Europeans spend about half the % of GDP that we do (2% compared to our 4% for US) and if they don’t care about their countries, why should we?

And the answer is that it is American lives that must be paid UNLESS we are willing to cut Europe off from our protection. That runs up against all sorts of cultural issues.


I am torn between telling the Europeans that they, collectively, are about as economically powerful as is the United States, but their 2% (and shrinking) military budgets must be doubled or the United States will withdraw from NATO on the one hand, and just withdrawing all European-based US troops altogether and telling them they are on their own.

Isolationism is a strong US sentiment, but the problem is we can’t seem to make it stick, and the longer we hold onto isolationism the more blood and treasure it costs us in the long run.

President Obama has worked mightily to turn us into Europe, and he has had some economic success but he has succeeded far beyond his wildest dreams in the diminishing of US Superpower status to that of Europe. (Close to the French level.)

Just reviewing the bidding: Withdrawing fro Iraq; withdrawing from Afghanistan; fudging the “Red Line” in Syria (which still has not met its obligations to reduce the poison gas inventory); then the Chinese incursion into Japanese held islands brought only fly-throughs, and need I mention the Iranian deal that permits Iran to continue enriching just weeks short of bomb grade material?

Obama is suffering the problems of his “Reset” — he based his Iranian and Syrian efforts on Russia, and now he must “lead” a reluctant Europe, dependent on Russian fuel and oligarch money, to oppose their own economic interest for philosophy and future interest.

President Obama is turning our nation into a regional power!

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