Both the NY Times and the Christian Science Monitor have recently written analysis pieces on the NATO situation vis-a-vis the US participation.

At the end of the Cold War, the US had 400,000 troops in Europe. Today we have 67,000. We had 40,000 Sailors, and today we have 7,000. We had 800 aircraft, but today we have 172. We have zero Carrier Groups in the Mediterranean.

No wonder Russia thinks it can be aggressive!

Certainly, no force of the Europeans will dissuade Russia. The limits of Russia today are how much territory Putin wants to control.

He currently does not have the amphibious forces to take Britain.

Otherwise, he knows Obama will do nothing.

Putin knows that Germany raced across Europe so fast that Hitler’s troops barely had time to eat, taking Paris without a shot being fired and forcing private boats from Britain to rescue the British and French forces from the beaches of Dunkirk.

Putin also knows that satellites mean that the US could not pull the sleight-of-hand that we pulled in WWII, convincing the Germans that the invasion at Normandy was a feint, while we let the Germans keep waiting for Patton at Calais, France.

Now I don’t think Putin wants Europe, but Estonia, Latvia and Estonia, as well as the Ukraine are certainly on his “want” list.

There is some price he is not willing to pay to fill his plate, but we don’t know what price that is and Europe does seem willing to exact any price.

You have to wonder about the state of the world when Obama is the Hawk of the West, even with a weak hand.

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