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I have not commented on the loss of the Boeing 777 simply because of all the printers ink and flowed electrons, there has been no actual news.

We know it disappeared after passing back over Malaysia. We know the Malaysia ” authorities” are totally incompetent. We know that the press has done what the press does — stay on a subject long past the “Use By” date.

Now, the only question is whether CNN overplayed the Triple Seven more than MSNBC overplayed the New Jersey Bridgegate affair, about which there was also no news.

It’s hard to believe that we live in a world without news, but tonight I watched the NBC Nightly News and their lengthy segment on letting music help mothers bond with their babies. ABC News is notorious for segments that cause me to ask, “Is THAT news?”

The answer in, decidedly, “No.” It is interesting, no question, but in the great scheme of the world, it is not news.

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