Message to Liberals

I’ll take you seriously when you demonstrate your concern about:
“Big Oil” when you start throwing away all of you plastic, because it is made from oil and stop driving or riding in anything because those tires…yes, oil.
“Native Habitat” – the home or condo on which you live was once “native Habitat” – so when you bulldoze it, in just two decades it will return to ?Native Habitat”…
“Developers” – Either you bought a house or condo that was built by a “Developer” or you built your own house in which YOU are a “Developer” (They also built the streets in your neighborhood…so…well you know)
“Native Americans” — if you believe we “stole” the land from the “Native Americans,” it costs less than $20 to get a Quitclaim Deed and give your property back to the Native Americans. (Just take it to your local Casino!)
“Peace” – Please don’t protest “War” in Carlsbad! There is no War in Carlsbad! There is, however, “War” in Afghanistan, Congo, Mali, Nigeria…go where there IS War, and protest THERE! (The last such War protestor about whom I know, was Rachel Corrie, who stood in front of an armored Israeli bulldozer, to protest the demolition of the homes of bomb-builders. She is buried in Tumwater, Washington.)
THEN, and only then will I take your protestations seriously.
I don’t expect to worry much…

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