This Is a Drone And a Half!

The X-37B has returned to earth after breaking 469 days in space.

In case you haven’t been following this super-secret, mini-Space Shuttle (unmanned, and tiny by comparison to the no-longer flying original) is a DARPA project that appears to be a quick reaction intelligence platform that can be quickly launched and stay up for long periods of time…but what it is doing, except breaking stay-aloft records each time it flies, is anyone’s guess.

It might be something that can do intelligence and drop, or bring it back to earth without being intercepted. Russia and China have their NSA spy organizations, and they may well have broken our satellite-to-earth encryption.

We really don’t know. We also don’t know what the X-37B (there are three working models) is doing either.

It is the old, “those who know are not talking, and those who are talking, don’t know.”

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