Totally Irresponsible Behavior

I think doing round-the -world trips in a sailboat is a hell of an adventure, but taking along a baby, and a three-year old is negligence of the first order. Risk your life if you wish, but babies and three-year olds, don’t know enough to object and they don’t have a vote.

Every parent knows that children in general and babies in particular, get sick. It is in the natural order of things, so taking a child less than 12 on a long sailing trip is tempting the Gods, big time.

Charge the parents for the cost of sending a four-engine jet, and a US Navy ship to intercept the boat and return the family! Hikers get charged when the need for rescue comes about, particularly when they are negligent — and, taking two small children on a long, long sea trip is irresponsible.

Yes, the family lost their beautiful sailboat, but that does not compensate the taxpayers for their huge cost. The couple should at least be billed for the fuel, because the plane, ship and salaries are a fixed cost and would be available anyway.

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