It Ain’t Necessarily So

A blogger with whom I sparred, authoritatively stated that the US should follow Portugal ’s lead in changing to Green energy, and he cited an article praising Portugal.

I read the article, and at least it does not include Gore-type scaremongering, where failure to secure the effects in a timely manner discredits the message.

I have zero idea if our current severe weather is caused by man, or not, but just for the sake of argument, let’s say it is. How, exactly do you get Third World countries to delay becoming Second World countries and Second World countries from becoming First World countries, when fossil fuel is the ONLY way (currently) for them to do so?

He cited Portugal as an example of how we should proceed environmentally. I am not certain if he looked beyond the environment to see how they did it — with 16% unemployment! and a bailout of $100 BILLION! (That is a lot of coin for a nation with the same population as North Carolina!)

Since the IMF is primarily US funded, Portugal went Green on the backs of a fossil-driven, successful US economy!

Citing articles that take positions in a vacuum, as if the interest cited is not influenced by, and influences other parts of the equation, relies upon the fact that few will check the citation, or has knowledge of the other parts of the equation.

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