Disruption is Good!

The Washington Post has a great analysis of Uber ‘s taxi disruption, and Uber now wish to get into delivery service in Manhattan.

That of course is just a start. Uber has a service to pick you up and deliver you just like a taxi, but…you are driven in a private car, by a driver whose photo you see in advance and whose bill you pay on-line. Further, you rate the driver and they rate you, on-line.

(Taxi drivers hate the competition, as do the cities who sell very expensive “Medallions” to taxi companies — a source of tax income.)

Of course as every business knows, once you have gone through the trouble and cost of developing a distribution network, and a payment process throughout that distribution network, adding another product to that network is simple.

So, Uber wants to use the Uber network to deliver packages, and in Manhattan, clothing…and anything else.

As the Washington Post article notes, the electronic industry has maximized the sale process through Amazon, E-Bay, etc. but in the end, they still have to deliver the product, and the ultimate goal is a one-hour delivery in many communities.

Drones may be an ultimate goal, but Uber is here today!

Disruption is good!

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