A Clash of Cultures

The kerfuffle in San Francisco is really a morality play on a large stage.

Google is such a giant financial institution that, even in a city the size of San Francisco, it is a dominating presence.

But, that presence wears poorly. The Bohemian lifestyle rubs up against the Techies, and, because money talks, Techies win.

The clashes happen at bus stops where the plebeian city buses often are shouldered away from the curb by the plush coaches hired by Google to tote the young, tablet-toting and highly-paid youth to their equally plush offices.

Google at least has agreed to pay to stop at the bus stops, but that only pleases the City, not the city passengers.

But the friction begins before the bus stop. The Artie lofts occupied by the Left are themselves being converted to upscale apartments and condos for those who wear Google Glass.those Artie types being pushed out are pushing back, and in some cases physically.

The flash point appears to be a building owned by an attorney for Google, who is converting his building to upscale digs for Google employees. The Plebes are in the street, protesting, and today one of the protestors apparently attacked a journalists who was wearing — appropriately — Google Glass, and, fearing being videotaped, threw his $1,500 Google Glasses into traffic!

It is in Liberal San Francisco where the “Income Inequality” is being played out.

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