Score Minus One For The Teacher Unions!

The State of Washington has become the first state to lose its temporary exemption to the No Child Left Behind.
The loss of the exemption, and Washington had been on probation because Washington was dragging its feet on using test scores as one criteria for evaluating teachers. The loss of the exemption means the loss of millions of dollars and thousands of teachers.
This loss of exemption was the result of union pressure on the state legislature, a fact that was memorialized by the Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn:
“…Student progress should be one of multiple elements in a teacher s evaluation. Unfortunately, the teachers union felt it was more important to protect their members than agree to that change and pressured the Legislature not to act.
(Of course, the Washington Post reported the loss of the exemption, but ignored the condemnation by the Superintendent of the teacher union as the reason for the loss of the exemption.)

No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished!

The Voice of San Diego had an article on the Principal of Lincoln High, who has apparently been removed because in raising the schools performance significantly, she used a bit of tough love and ruffled a few feathers.

There were some interesting perspectives from teachers who are in the trenches, and to whom I would remind that the single most powerful political entity in this state is the teacher unions — who lobby at a monetary rate several times the next most powerful lobby groups.

If teachers want more academic rigor, they could demand it — and get it.

If teachers wanted greater classroom discipline, they could demand it — and get it.

If teachers wanted an end to social promotion, they could demand it — and get it.

If teachers ever walked picket lines for anything other than higher pay and more time off, I am unfamiliar with that picket line even after more than 30 years of writing about California schooling — it has regressed to the point where it can no longer be called “education.”

California teachers get whatever California teachers want, and that has caused a Top Five salary and a Bottom Five student academic rating.

It must be what teachers want because Sacramento bows and scrapes to the tunes of teacher unions.