Protect Yourself — And Save Money!

Very few cardiac arrest victims survive after 10 minutes, and what you may no know is that Paramedic “response time” from our Deer.  Springs Fire Department is measured “wheels roll to wheels stop.”
Ideally, from the commencement of a heart attack, a defribulator must be applied within FOUR MINUTES.
You must live VERY close to the fire station to get a defribulator applied within four minutes, because the time you are on the phone with the Dispatcher, the time it takes the Fire and Paramedics to dress and man the engine and ambulance, and the time used to get the equipment out , into your home and applied does not count in the response time — but it DOES count to your HEART!
The application of a home Defibrulators while the Paramedics are coming may well save your life.
Why do I mention this? Because COSTCO On-Line sells the ONLY home Defibrulators you can buy without a prescription — the Phillips HeartStart. It is usually $1,199 but beginning May 8, there is a $200 coupon.
For everyone over 40, it would be wise to own such a device, and I am devising some signal in my community — perhaps with a red dot on the curb — for those who have such a device and wish their neighbors to know it can be borrowed in an emergency.
The greater the density of these devices in your community, the safer our residents. I am buying one because as close as I am to the Fire Station it still took more than four minutes when I had heart pain. Fortunately for me it was not a heart attack — but a five-way heart by-pass.
Police do not prevent crime — they provide retribution — and Paramedics can’t save you if you have a heart attack unless you are nearby.
Protect yourself.

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