The Teacher Tenure Battle Continues in Court

In LA there is a Court battle on Teacher Tenure
Just for giggles, would you like your brain surgery performed by a Surgeon who gained “tenure” after two years in a hospital where no one is EVER fired for poor performance, or one whose statistical survival percentage is known, public and extremely high?
Which non-profit would you send your money to — an organization that simply announces that they hire 99% of applicants that apply and no one is ever fired for poor performance, or one that tells you exactly where their money goes, what their staff turnover is annually, and how much is overhead?
(I actually know the answers.)
California teachers are Top Five in pay in the nation, while their students are Bottom Five in testing by the US Department of Education.
It is the delta that is the problem — teachers deserve Top Five among the states, if their performance demonstrates their salary.
With Bottom Five performance, California teachers only deserve Bottom Five pay and benefits.
Teachers think that they have different DNA from employees of EVERY other organization in the Western World!
They can’t be evaluated! They are different and they are special, because they work with children! That means each and every one of the teachers are superb –and that is proven by the fact that out of 300,000 teachers, only about two a year are fired.
The Law of Averages says that out of a population of 300,000, more than two will become stark raving mad — except of course among teachers…because their DNA actually CHANGES the second they are hired!
Personally, I think it is a miracle that should be studied by the Vatican!
(Teachers all work in Lake Woebegone, where all teachers are above average!)

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