We Stray Further From Liberty

It’s time to free the last slaves in America — school children!
Slaves, you say?
Yes, slaves!
(Stay with me for a moment.)
They are ordered by the government to show up, told what time and what school to attend, told what they can wear, what they can eat, told when they may go to the bathroom, where they can play and for how long. They are told what vaccinations they must have, what subject matter must be studied,  what they may, and may not wear on their T-shirts.
Neither child nor parent may “opt out” of “education” despite growing evidence in California that there is little or no education provided.
Now that we no longer have a draft, compulsory education is the last remaining slaver.
Now obviously I am not arguing against education — I was a Core Adjunct of Computer Science for 14 years with 6,000+ hours of classroom time. 
But our education system is not called Compulsory Education without it being compulsory  and compulsory and liberty are exact opposites. This nation was founded on liberty — not compulsion!
There are many things that are positives for the society that we d not use the threat of government force to enact — eating veggies is just a single example, although the food police are after us daily, there is no current law requiring us to eat veggies.
So my argument, as difficult as it may be to accept, is that we need to find better and different methods to get to the generally accepted means.
Protecting the nation is GOOD, using conscription as a method is one we have (finally) deemed to be unacceptable. We change slowly — in the 1600s, owning slaves was deemed acceptable.
Hopefully, by 2300 we will deem it necessary to free our children from conscription and compulsion.
The amazing thing is that our Founding Fathers, who hated the conscription of our sailors to English Men-of-War, would have fought equally against conscription of children to school — we get further and further away from their ideals.

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