We Have Gone “All Wobbly”

Historically, the US is isolationist in nature. FDR had to await an attack, but he was supplying Britain with both hands, under the table, because the population had no interest until Pearl Harbor.
FDR was an internationalist in a nation deep into  isolationism. Any president needs to convince by leadership if he or she wants to save Europe a third time.
If we are not going to do that, we need to alert Europe so they can get above 3% of GDP for their defense. Europe has become our fourth generation welfare recipient, and they are so dependent because all self-sufficiency has slowly oozed out of them.
I am all in favor of weening Europe off our defense teat.we must slowly withdraw to give them time to ramp up.  Right now, Europe is no more confident of our seriousness in leaving, than Putin is of our staying.
No one trusts our words. You can’t define our policy, I can’t, and Obama won’t. The single most powerful international player has gone all wobbly!

One Response

  1. I think you’ve framed the question correctly, Allen. What should our international policy be? one of isolationism? or one of internationalism? I’ve been asking myself that very question quite a lot lately with respect to the Crimean situation and the (less volatile) one in the South China Sea.
    I’m not so worried about weening Europe as I am about the potential for problems when the US is amongst the players in a game of high stakes poker with a leader (Putin) whose sanity is questionable.
    From my perspective, this is why we have the UN, so we don’t ‘personally’ have to be the ones involved.

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