Hashtag Diplomacy Doesn’t Work!

It’s called Hashtag Diplomacy, as featured by the First Lady — and it doesn’t work on people who don’t give a damn, and neither Putin nor the kidnappers of the 276 Nigerian schoolgirls give a damn.
The kidnappers probably never heard of Michelle Obama, and it is doubtful they have seen a cellphone. There are no cell towers in the deep Nigerian or Congolese jungles. (The same reason there were no cell phone calls from the Malaysian jet — no cell towers in the Indian Ocean.)
As Politico notes, the First Lady selects her fights carefully but this one may turn out to be a dead bang loser.
Nigeria is the Syria of Africa — as much as we want the girls returned, supporting the Uber corrupt Nigerian government. In effect, in Nigeria we want both sides to lose.
The only good news is that we have lots of experience with deep jungle, from Cambodia to Columbia. We have people, and technology that know how to penetrate and track people in the darkest parts of jungles. Whether we can deploy them, or will be allowed to by the most corrupt government in Africa (and that is saying something) is another matter.
This is more likely a British operation. Britain was the occupying colonial power that left Nigeria and I have no idea of the existing relationship. France, another former colonial power in the region is pretty good at chasing African Islamists also, and they are involved.
Other than the concern for the schoolgirls safety, Africa is not our playpen. Our technology, and Seal Teams are the best in the world, but this rescue may not need us to Send The Very Best.
I just hope it goes well.
I hear today that the Nigerian people in the north of Nigeria are forming vigilante groups to fight the Boco Haram – much like the Mexicans formed vigilante groups to fight the cartels — and both because the armies of both nations are ineffective and corrupt.

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