Copying Software is STEALING! Period!

On Facebook, the anti-software copying organization posts every now and again — and all the thieves — and they are thieves — post with their justification for stealing.
Thieves at least identify themselves on the blog. People without the Cajones to put a gun in my ribs to take my wallet, will steal the product of my work under the anonymity available on the net.
Some of the bloggers need to look up the term “rationalization” because that is what they do.
They have all sorts of rationalizations — software costs too much  To those who think a writer of software does not get to set his profit — the writer has more rights than they do to set the profit. The writer has hundreds or thousands of hours, plus their knowledge — THEY HAVE NOTHING! (Except a larcenous heart, and no guts for stick ups!)
The extreme case of stealing is “one copy countries” — where a few copies are sold to an entire country, Vietnam was one — and copies of copies were made, forever.
It is not just individuals, or countries, but everywhere. Decades ago I owned an Apple Computer dealership, and local school districts would order 200 Apple Computers– and one set of software!.
I have no axe to grind — the software I wrote was for the US Navy, so the government owns it not to mention that it was 1966 -1970, and was all in Binary a code these twerps could not do on their best day! I was part of a three-person team that wrote the first program that tracked Soviet satellites, and tracked 600 Naval ships — the program warned each of the 600 ships plying the oceans when they would be under surveillance from Soviet satellites. I also wrote the first Artificial Intelligence program for the Navy.
These idiots who would not steal a computer have no compunction with stealing software.
Because theives can do the stealing in the basement of Mommys house, where they live!

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