Back in the late 1800s, those looking for a new life would board up their shacks/homes, and carve on the door “GTT” for “Gone to Texas.”

History does repeat itself. (But graduates of California public education may not notice.)

I wonder if you noticed during the fires, that Pratt & Whitney on Ruffin Road is leaving San Diego with its 530 jobs, and going to Florida, Georgia or Texas according to a U-T article — and they didn’t even bother to apply for California relief!

“Hernandez said Pratt & Whitney did not apply for the California Competes tax credit, which are new state incentives to try to keep companies from relocating. A spokesman for the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, Go-Biz, declined to comment on Pratt & Whitney’s announcement.”

Note that P&W didn’t have a specific site to retreat to, just “not here!”

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