Illusionists have found their calling in government!

Kudos to Judicial Watch for prying — and that is exactly what it was — prying — the e-mails about the IRS scandal from the White House.

I belong to Judicial Watch, and you should also. JW sued through the Federal Courts to get e-mails that Congressional Committees could not get, and those e-mails prove that there was coordination between the Cleveland office and the Washington office, which had been denied by the administration.

Still, not a word from NBC, ABC, AND CBS.

But there are two stories that has caused the press to at least examine the competence of this administration — something that Fast and Furious, and Benghazi old not get through to the press.

But the Obamacare fiasco was too large to sweep under the rug, and the VA Hospital is too sensitive to cover up.

The VA fiasco is incompetence plus corruption — possibly even Depraved Indifference Manslaughter.

General Shinseki is an American hero, wounded in battle, but that does not necessarily make him a competent manager, and it is apparent that he is not a competent manager. The VA is a huge organization, but the Whistelblowers have tried to get this message out for some time.

Let there be no question — the Doctors and Nurses of the VA system do great work, but they can’t provide medical care to Veterans if the administration does not schedule a Vet for a medical appointment.

Apparently, the VA did not count a Vet to be waiting until the Vet was actually scheduled for an appointment. This is shades of the British Health system, which lowered the waiting time in their Emergency Rooms by holding patients in ambulances outside the hospital until the patient could be seen — the ambulance time does not count. (Except to the patient!)

This fudging the numbers to look good on paper has a parallel in the measuring of Fire and Medical response from “Wheels roll, until wheels stop” — a measurement system that hides the fact that the heart attack of house fire does not wait while the dispatcher talks, the vehicles are manned, and the equipment is hauled to the house.

Illusionists have found their calling in government!

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