Even The Left is Outraged!

Jon Stewart really rips both the president and Shinseki a new one in an F-bomb laced rant.

If you haven’t seen it, it is worth a view! You can Google it, but if you are on Facebook or Google + you have seen the You Tube video.


Both the president and Shinseki are “cool” when what is needed is real anger — Hot anger is appropriate. Senator Obama said the he would clean up the VA before he was elected to the first term, he appointed Shinseki five years ago to get the job done, and there have been seven Inspector General reports addressing the problems since Obama and Shinseki have been in office — so, what does the cool president call for.

Yep! Another study.

The mind boggles!

What does it take for this Teflon presidency to get someone to notice that there are no consequences for failure.

Every presidency has scandals. Some have many scandals, but need I remind you that Kathleen Sibelius still goes to work daily!

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