An Incentive That Will Work! Absolutely!

We will always have the poor — because in any society the bottom 15% is considered poor.

Of course there is a qualitative difference between the poor in America and the poor in Chad, or Nigeria! The average “poor” in America own a car, multiple TV, a computer, internet access, and live in more square feet than the middle-class in Europe!

I have previously recounted my experience years ago, when I headed a super-secret research and development computer operation for the Navy. It was so secret that even the cleaning staff had Top Secret clearance, and one night I was working late when the cleaning staff came in. I recognized the young Black man and we spoke often…just small talk.

One day I decided to take a good lunch, instead of out of a brown paper bag — but to treat myself, so I went downtown to the most expensive hotel in town — in the San Diego of that day it was the Westgate Plaza. My waiter was the same guy that cleaned my office! I asked him, “You work two jobs?”

“No, Sir,” he laughed, “I work three jobs!”

So the next time he was in my office I asked him what was the solution to welfare?

“We need an incentive!” He Replied.

“What incentive?” I asked.

“I have a family living next to me.” He replied. “Three generations on welfare. Cut off their welfare, and when they get hungry, they will find a job! That’s “incentive!”‘

It is, indeed!

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