Competition Works!

The VA is a Socialist Wet Dream — wholly, fully and completely Single Payer with every Doctor or Nurse an employee of the Federal Government! President Obama said the he wanted Obamacare to be Single Payer but it just could not be done immediately.

Military retirees like myself get to go out on the market and get our medical care — and to change systems the moment we don’t think we are getting the care we want, and the government picks up the bill — we earned it. Those with service disabilities deserve no less.

We have a system where children in failing schools get to leave their schools for better ones — can we do less for those with war injuries?

Set them free! Disinfect the VA, end the rules that make VA employment a sinecure, and then give injured Vets a choice to go to the VA where there is a comradeship of fellow Vets, or to go into the market.

Competition works!

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