Quick Hits

The presidents speech at West Point has been panned by experts, so I won’t bother to expand on the list, but let me just mention one — Politico — that oft-quoted political website:

“1. Obama ’s no-doctrine doctrine
Looking for a clear, concise Obama doctrine? Keep looking.”

I loved the report from Arizona when Sheriff Joe Arpaio visited with the Vets in his prison over Memorial Weekend, to make certain that they got better medical care in his prison than they would get at the local VA facility in Phoenix.

That would not be hard, and now 42 VA facilities are under investigation. The IG Report on Phoenix alone is sufficient cause for indictments.


The PBS News Hour last night revealed that Google lacks diversity, big time! The good news is that Google did the study.

Among tech jobs, Asians represent 34% while Latinos represent 2% and Blacks, 1%.

I admit that to be unsurprising, because as a professor I saw in my computer science classes my classes represented numbers very similar to those that Google hires.

Google can’t hire except from a pool of graduates, and you can’t make people take career paths they are not attracted to. Most students enter college at 19 years of age, and it is no exaggeration that most 19 year- olds are hardly serious people.

If you are not serious, subjects like engineering, computer science, math, chemistry, biology all appear to take too much time away from Keg Parties.


Uber, the private point to point transportation that rivals taxis for a much lower price, seems to either be in the mode for a takeover from Google, or perhaps it is to be the first commercial entity to purchase the promised Google Driverless car.

After all, the cost of the driver is the highest cost in point-to-point transportation. Now, I am not certain that driverless cars are an automatic sale to the normal California drivers. This is a car culture, and I know of just one automatic sale — a 93 year old friend who still drives but may not go for her next license renewal but is scared to death of losing her independence.

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