Incompetence is the Norm in Unions

The Shinseki resignation solves nothing of the VA problem, because he was not the problem.

It was good that he resigned, and it would be better if he had been fired. That he was not fired just demonstrates that Obama can’t make timely decisions.

But we knew that.

Shinseki had demonstrated that being a wounded veteran, and a flawed analyst of the Bush policy in Iraq is not a management resume. The VA problem is so wide and so deep that only criminal indictments of those discovered to have “cooked the books” can demonstrate to the veteran community that the seriousness of the situation is recognized.

Unfortunately, what we are about to discover is that incipience is not a offence for which you can be fired under Civil Service union rules. That may be the real take-away for this fiasco — union rules for civil service are as protective as are union rules for California teachers.

Incompetence becomes the norm.

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