Scandel Upon Compounded Scandel!

The Bergdahl saga blows up so quickly that it is hard to stay up with everything, but President Obama is a cat covering up you-know-what. Obama NEVER thought this would blow up in his face…he expected massive high-fives.

It is hard to believe that the President didn’t expect some explosion on many fronts, but it is equally hard to believe he expected the fire-storm coming from not just the left and the right, but from veterans groups and retired military — those who served with Bergdahl and those like myself who think that if Bergdahl gets soft treatment it will lead to others taking (what THEY think is) “the easy way out.”

The thought that we must repatriate every American soldier is, of course bunk. We have several US soldiers who defected to the North Koreans, 21 to be exact. All were defectors, some eventually came back to the US, some remained in North Korea. We did take some back, and they served prison time, depending on how much they did for their “captors.”

Few left so many clues that what they were about to do was as premeditated as did Bergdahl. It is obvious that Bergdahl was a fragile personality, but being a fragile personality is not a defense to desertion, or worse, being a traitor.

The public reporting of Bergdahl’s platoon mates, and the reporting of the deaths of six US soldiers while searching for Bergdahl adds an even more pressing issue that while probably expected, the breadth and depth likely were not.

The administration did set a new world record with just 48 hours between scandals. Now from a personal standpoint, Obama doesn’t care because he is not running again, but he is taking his political party with him!

One of the most damaging parts of the fiasco is that Time Magazine — no friend of the Right — reports that the president overrode the military to do this transfer of five terrorists, with someone on his staff saying to the military, “Suck it up, and salute!”

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