Exit, Cantor

My “go to” sources of Washington politics are Politico and the Washington Post, because politics is their bread and butter.

Both of them missed the Cantor loss. As Politico noted, the press didn’t get the story wrong — they missed it entirely!

So did I.

I just don’t know where it leads. In the fight between Republican establishment, I am ambivalent — what I really like is establishment Republicans pulled to the right by the. The actual candidates of the Tea Party are sometimes Kooks. They cost the Republicans seats.

On the other hand, I well remember the days when Republicans accepted Second Fiddle in Washington, so long as they could play golf at the local golf courses.

Newt, to his credit, changed that. Subsequently, the Republicans have shown a lot more spine, and the Tea Party keeps them honest. Still, they do play a lot of District games, and Brat — who may be Tea Party, but he is not a Yahoo, and may represent a “new Tea Party.

That would be refreshing. A college professor Tea Party, and one who apparently does not hold views that scare away voters.

You can tell that Cantor had lost his roots when in his campaign spent $170,000 at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, and BLT Steakhouse. Considering that Brat spent $122,000 on his entire campaign, and had only two staff members with a flip-phone, you can see that Cantor was –like Obama — enjoying the perks of office rather than taking care of business.

Now admittedly, the District is seductive. There is a reason that the counties surrounding the District are the richest in America. The money in the District is absolutely obscene. It is easy to forget the Barber back home.

Cantor did! He paid a price, and it is unique, that’s why it came as a shock! Tuesday morning, the Election Day for his seat, Cantor was in the District raising money for two other Republicans at a Starbucks rather than knocking on doors in his District.

We need a lot more of this sort of “Turn out the Incumbent” thing.

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  1. Cantor forgot to dance with who brung him. Incidentally, this could be a practical refutation of the widely-accepted notion that he whose campaign spends the most money will win. (I’ve never understood that because unless a direct transfer of money from candidate to voters there’s no there there.

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