I am ambivalent — what concern of ours that thousands of people are being gunned down in Iraq?

On the other hand, is it our concern that some thug is beating his wife on a neighboring lawn?

If we saw a child drowning, it would be wise to first ask ourselves if we were strong enough swimmers, before losing two lives.

I suppose that everything is sort of a “play it by ear” — and that makes foreign policy really difficult because it is always pick and choose. We can’t be everywhere, can’t do everything, but we can do something…and my concept would be to keep really mean people think seriously about misbehaving.

That would be by electing to STOMP heavily on bad guys, once in a while, with vigor. With great vigor! Enough vigor that it gives EVERY bad actor pause before he acts, that he just might be one who draws the short straw.

This does not require that we jump in everywhere — we get to pick our spots.

There is a question being asked in the media, if Joe Biden was right years ago when he commented that Iraq should be three countries to avoid sectarian conflict?

The answer is “Yes” — more out of luck than brilliance in my opinion, although Obama said Biden was his “go to ” man on foreign affairs.

Iraq is falling into the Northern Ireland Catholic-Protestant model, with neighbor killing neighbor, just on a grander scale — more people, more territory, greater divisions, and much more firepower available.

The Kurds in the Northern third are secure and calm because their tribal armies are powerful, their populations are relatively homogenous, and they enjoy separate oil fields. Right now they are hosting a lot of people from the South who are fleeing the fighting.

Of course the political divisions are all based on religion, and that is the worst kind of civil war. Now Iran has their nose under the tent flap.

We have only two things to worry about — the oil fields and the Green Zone If we protect these two things, I don’ t care what happens to the rest of Iraq, but Biden had the right idea. Sunnis and Shia need their own territories with an agreement as to the division of oil money — but the world has been working forever to get the Palestinians and Israel to settle their two state problem.

Bah! We have sufficient problems of our own!

We didn’t get involved in the religious war in Ireland (fortunately), and I’ll bet we should stay the hell out of this one too!

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