Quick Hits

Political and media observers — and that’s what they are, observers — think that raising the minimum wage is paid by the employer, but wages are paid by the buyer of the product. Those politicians and media who get that far, believe that minimum wage impacts all in a business sector equally, and that’s true, but as prices necessarily rise, the more buyers say, “it’s not worth it to me,” business declines, margins decrease and a business automates, or moves to a more friendly climate.

Politicians and media think they can run businesses they have never seen, by directing the wages and work rules of workers they have never met, without anything bad happening.



The “Women in Combat” is a subject currently being studied by both the Army and the Marines.

All “combat” is not equal, and before addressing the question one should read the diary of E. B. Sledge, in his book “With The Old Breed” — about sustained, brutal, frontal combat on Pacific Islands.

Being shot at, even patrol action, pales in the face of the description of the smells, taste and grisly pictures your mind will “entertain” for months afterward. No one who has been in combat, and I have, understands the difference between combat and sustained, brutal, and frontal combat.

That book will at least ground one in the worst case scenario, after which a better, more informed opinion may be held.


Nearby, in Escondido, a Developer bought a dying Country Club Golf Course, where the diminishing number of aging members were unable to sustain the operation and he wishes to build 400+ home.

Obviously the homeowners circling the golf course want the golf course to continue, the City of Escondido has stepped in to try to declare the golf course “Open Space” without owning the property, and the owner has forced the subject to a referendum.

There are people, and even nations who covet their neighbors property — some use force to take land, some more sophisticated people use the law. In the US, there is a “taking” Clause, and even with the misguided ruling {Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005)}, this would probably be held a “Taking.”

I have noted something I call a “visual prescriptive easement” where people who see a hill or valley without homes for seven years, tend to think they have the right to view that land vacant during their lifetime. When I was president of my local HOA (the world’s most thankless job, whose main job is the keep Nazis off the HOA) had an elderly couple come before the Board about a home builder who wished to build next door. They literally said, “That land has been vacant since we built here 20 years ago, it is beautiful and we want to continue to love it.”


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