9-0 Smackdown!

No need to sugar coat it — whomever took Constitutional Lecturer Barack Obama’s classes on the US Constitution should demand a refund!

When the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) tells the president that he exceeded his Constitutional powers, that is a REBUKE of momentous slap…the president could not convince a single liberal Jurist to agree with him. Not even those HE appointed!

Of course it is also a major rebuke to the Attorney General, whose job it is to advise the president, not that the president would listen to Holders advice and not that Holder would dare offer it to a “Constitutional Professor.” (Yes, I know that Obama was only a Lecturer, but he was declared a “Professor” after he was elected president, so that Chicago Law School could claim that one of their “Professors” was a president of the United States.)

Now here is something that you may not have followed (oops, Megyn Kelly just announced it…darn)..this was the 12th and 13th time the SCOTUS has UNANIMOUSLY voted against this administration!

Historically, administrations win 70% of their cases. This administration has lost a majority of SCOTUS decisions for several years.

So much for, “I taught Constitutional Law for 10 years…”

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