The “Let Them Eat Cake” Division

Alas, the controversy is not about egalitarianism, in the case of Hillary Clinton, it is about holding the public mantle of egalitarianism while being part of the 1%.

Hillary claims that they left the White House “dead broke. ”

Absolutely true — if you accept that the had just emptied all of their bank accounts to put $800,000 plus down on a $5 million house, and $300,000 plus on another $3 million house. Technically, they had virtually no money in the bank, and they had large loans — but they also had about $1,200,000 in home equity.

Now, they are worth more than$100 million dollars, and it’s easy to see how. Just from speeches in the past two years at UCLA, the couple has collected more than $600,000 and at UNLV, some students are rebelling at a Hillary speech where she will be collecting $225,000.

Rushing to blunt the obvious hypocrisy, Bill doubled down by claiming that the couple shopped at the local market just like everyone else — but of course the local grocery in a $5 million neighborhood is pretty upscale, and populated by very upscale shoppers — although none were accompanied by Secret Service agents.

No, the rich are not like the rest of us, and the Clintons are, as the show, The Beverly Hillbillies used to say, are our worst fear fear — Poor White Trash with money!

The worst of all possible worlds.

Perhaps catching hypocrites is the new media Gotcha series, on par with the usual catching transit executives who do not ride their buses and trains.

It seems that there is a University of North Carolina professor (Professor Gene Nochol) who makes $205,400 a year for teaching one one course a semester. (I might add that he regularly trashes Republicans.) He gets an additional $7,500 as the Director of a Center, and when added to his wife’s salary they make more than $600,000 a year! They own more than $1 million in real estate!

Oh! Did I mention the Center that Professor Nichol heads? The Poverty Center!

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