No Good Options…

The illegal immigration of children is monumentally more difficult a problem than the usually difficult problem of just illegal immigration.

And then add to the illegal immigration of children, the additional legal problem of Central America because those laws are different from illegal immigration from Canada and Mexico.

Illegal immigrants from Canada and Mexico can be immediately deported — but those from Central and South America must be processed and interviewed, and then, although they may then be deported they must first be given Court dates.

Needless to say, most never appear for their Court dates.

Wrap all of this in a humanitarian cloak, and you have a larger mess.

Here in San Diego we get a double whammy because of our already large Latino population — although I live in the County my mailing address is Escondido, and Escondido has a 50% Latino population.

San Diego got a black eye when the plane taking the bus load of children to Murrieta, California, which CBS News described as a “suburb of San Diego” — which it is not. Murrieta is in another County — Riverside County.

People across the nation usually have no concept of geographic size. What California calls Counties, the East Coast calls states and Europe calls countries.

Murrieta is as much a suburb of Los Angeles as it is of San Diego.

The city of Murrieta, despite their depiction as a bunch of Yahoos, has a legitimate complaint — the plan is to bring three bus loads (140-150 people) of Central American illegal immigrants to that small community every 72 hours for an indefinite period and escort them, eventually only as far as the bus station!

Now, you can blame whomever you please — Bush and Congress passed a bill that differentiates between Mexican and Central American illegal aliens, or Obama whose comments about not sending back children here before 2008 was mis- interpreted (mistakenly or purposely) by Central American media. Cartels in Mexico, who charge $8,000 a person had a financial motive in drumming up business, as well.

It’s a mess, and it’s not going to get better. There are no good options.

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