Israel — Get On With It!

While I think the establishment of Israel was done improperly (what gave the UN the right to seize land belong to someone else?) — that was done by the United Nations and primarily pushed by the British and US, not by the Jews — the Palestinians need to get over it.

History is filled with injustice that must be risen above — and the Palestinians are Semites, with just as much innate brainpower as Jews, but Jews look forward and Palestinians back. You earn international credit for Nobel Prizes, not rockets!

The bad blood between Greeks and Turks, or North and South are just other examples of stupid legacy fights that no one alive today fought in, but the anger still lives. Nothing is quite as bad as the Middle East — and when it gets this bad for this long, only total conquest will solve the problem.

When things are so bad, for so long, the only answer is complete victory and subjugation. When surrounding nations interfere, defeat them, destroy the nation and salt the land. Nothing short will ever end such a problem!

In WWII, we demanded — and got, “Unconditional Surrender.”

That is harsh.

(It also works!)

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