Quick Hits

Regardless of the actions(or in actions) of the House (and, incidentally the Senate), the president has no power to change legislation passed and signed. This president has been slapped down 9-0 in the Supreme Court just since 2012, an indication that the president has vastly overreached his presidential authority. There are more than several issues that could be challenged, Boehner just picked a visible one because Obamacare is a medical and PR disaster.

The right has learned well from the left that the Courts can be their friend, witness the requirement that TWO Federal Judges have required the IRS to demonstrate UNDER OATH that Rosemary Woods…sorry, my mind just slipped into history..,that Lois Lerner’s e-mails disappeared and cannot be recovered. We will know more this Friday.


The Oxford Martin school did a 72 page study titled THE FUTURE OF EMPLOYMENT: HOW
SUSCEPTIBLE ARE JOBS TO COMPUTERISATION (you can google it) in which they studied 702 classifications and concluded that 42% of American jobs are at risk, because of rapid increases in automation — the most recent announcement from Mercedes and their demonstration of an autonomous long-haul truck is just an indication.

The Chinese manufacturer of the Apple iPhone has mentioned that it added 100,000 employers to its Foxconn manufacturing base to handle the expected orders of the iPhone 6, which raised its number of employees to 1,300,000 — but it also added 10,000 Robots. The primary work for humans now is to do the “finishing” but even the finishing will be done by Robots in just five years!

(The Marines are testing a Warrior Robot in Hawaii….

We had better start thinking of job sharing, or something that will address systemic unemployment or underemployment.

I certainly hope that Orbital Science gets a clean hookup with the Space Station, because competition is good — and SpaceX has already delivered several payloads successfully.

The two corporations have two different delivery vehicles, and actually two different end games — Orbital uses huge, liquid-fueled launch vehicles and intends to only deliver freight. SpaceX is currently delivering freight with smaller payloads on smaller solid-propellant boosters but hopes soon to take Astronauts to the Space Station.

I suppose that both may win to do separate jobs, but unless there is some more development by Orbital — or they are not showing their cards– SpaceX could do both jobs, and Orbital is not currently so flexible, it is freight only.

Orbital Science has one more disadvantage — it’s delivery module is not reusable, while SpaceX module returns safely to earth.

Whomever wins whatever, we need to break the monopoly stranglehold held by the Russians. Russia is falling quickly back into its Stalinist past, currently forbidding millions of its bureaucrats to travel abroad, and tens of thousands of journalists and artists are leaving Russia for asylum — primarily in the Ukraine where they do not need to learn another language — in short, Russia is NOT a reliable partner in ANYTHING!

A wild card is the European Union which will soon launch their own freight carrier to the Sapce Station.

Competition is good!

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