It Is NOT One World!

One of the vivid memories of my youth, was at the age of 17, visiting Post-war Japan, which in 1951 was only half a decade out of massive bombings, and everything was still devastated.

One of those memories was that everyone appeared to relieve themselves in the open sewers that lined both sides of each street — I have no knowledge if that was culture or necessity, only that it was so. Even many years later (1966), my wife needed to use a bathroom in Japan, and the public bathroom was a unisex room whose toilets were simple concrete floors with multiple holes — and a stench that she described as “indescribable.”

(This was a particularly interesting since we had just come from Hong Kong, where the fish drying on the streets took her several days shut in the Kowloon hotel, with short visits to the streets, to become accustomed.)

I write this as a background to set a scene for the information that a new study published in the NYTimes that the stunting of Indian children is caused by some 650 MILLION Indians only use the outside to use the bathroom, and that recent efforts to increase nutritious food is doomed because the bacteria prevalent in children.

The Times article mentioned that the Congo and Somalia have better bathroom habits than does India. China has only 1% of its population using outside bathrooms, and Bangladesh has 3% — while in India, it is 50%.

Back when I was teaching computer science at a local university, I was offered a Professorship at a start-up Indian university by one of my colleagues at my local university. I was tempted, only because I have been almost everywhere except India, but everyone advised me against it, and my wife said, “No!”

Wise woman. It is NOT “”One World.”

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