How Many Are TOO Many

My question to those who support the current Children’s Army, must be asked “How many are you willing to take in for “sanctuary?”

Is it a hundred thousand, as are expected this year. Another 150,000 expected next year? How about a million? How about 50 million?

Is there ANY number at which you say, “Enough?”

The Spring 2009 Pew Global Attitudes Survey, showed that 33% of ALL Mexicans would like to live in the United States, and that 18% would move here without authorization. Mind you, we are ONLY talking about Mexico (because Pew didn’t survey other nations), not Central and South America. Mexico has a population of about 100 million, and that means that 33 million MEXICANS Would like to live here and 18 million would do so illegally!

That 33 million, and 18 million would be in addition to the “estimated” 11 million already here! And that doesn’t count Central and South America.

The mind boggles

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