Quick Hits (At Least Sort of Quick)

Kudos, in fact “Major League” Kudos to philanthropist David M. Rubenstein! He is one of the three founders of the Carlyle Group, and has a net worth of $3.1 billion!

You may have heard that he put up half the $15 million needed to repair the Washington Monument, damaged by an earthquake (you may remember seeing the scaffolding on TV), BUT “here is the rest of the story.”

Rubenstein is into American history in a major way. He paid $14.2 million to purchase the 1640 Bay Psalms Book, the first book published in America, which he will put on a revolving library loan; $10 million to create a Washington Library at Washington’s Mount Vernon home.

After the Washington Monument was completed, Rubenstein asked the head of the National Park Foundation head, “What else you got?”

The Park Foundation said that he could use $12.3 million to restore Robert E. Lee home that anchors the Arlington Cemetary — it is an imposing Greek Revival mansion in which Lee lived before what my people call, The War Between the States.

I had never seen the grandeur of the Lee residence pre- Civil War, but it is amazing and reminds me that both he, and Washington, rich beyond imagination for their times, left it and went into the fields with their troops to share deprivation for the causes in which they believed.

The other thing is that Rubinstein is an American hero for saving these historical items.


Democrats are accusing Republicans of holding up many Ambassador nominations.

The fact is that President Obama is the Nomination King Of Bundlers!

Some 40+ bundlers of cash for President Obama’s election or reelection have been nominated, and while the practice is not unheard of, Obama has taken it to a new level.

The nominee to France, is a major league Bundler. The nominee to Argentina admitted he had never been to Argentina! (Oooooops!! ) The nominee to Norway admitted he did not know what form of government that Norway had! (Ooooops in spades!)

As of last October, 46% of all Obama nominated Ambassadors were Bundlers, not State Department professionals.

France, Norway, Argentina, Czechoslovakia, New Zealand, Australia, Luxembourg….the list goes on, but I don’t have time to go past the first two Google pages!

If the president is going to nominate dilettantes, ignorant of the countries to which they are to serve, and whose ONLY skill is raising money for the President, the nation is well-served with stopping this Chicago-like spoils system!


So, how bad are the San Diego Padres?

So bad that the New York Times has noticed: “At this point, their awful offense is about as bad as any in history, and there are still more than 60 games to be played.”

Ahhhh, yes. They are awful, at least at offense, but their excellent pitching staff has kept them in a few games. The Padres have fired their General Manager, but while he never picked up a bat, he did recruit or select this bunch that is looking to make history.

The best hitter is in the low .280 range, and we just spent weeks remembering the Hall of Fame career of the great Tony Gwynn, who had a .338 batting average for a 15 year career! His WORST season was a .308!

This years Padres have a .214 batting average, and have scored 80 fewer runs than the next worst team — in effect, they are not as good as a good AAA team.

There is no real reason for this — they are not as good as last years team with essentially the same lineup! As I write this, the Padres are behind 3-0 in the first inning with their best pitcher on the mound!


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  1. David Rubenstein is a behind-the-scenes kind of philanthropist whose contributions reflect not only a substantial knowledge of United States history but his love for his country.

    Obama’s ambassadorial appointees mirror himself in many ways — none of them good for the country.

    If anybody thinks these Padres are bad, they must not remember the originals. They were DREADFUL.

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