How The Dutch See The Murder of 193 of Its Citizens

The Dutch are not a military country, they are a nation of merchants, and apparently the government of the Netherlands initially misread the anger that the population, because the government — whatever their personal feelings — didn’t react sufficiently to the murder of 193 of their citizens.

The Dutch, even more than most European nations, have elected to deeply ingrained Russian economic interests, particularly oil and gas, into their economies, and Russian Oligarchs but lots of expensive homes, condos and expensive cars!

It does not make introducing strict penalties any easier, particularly if President Obama refuses to open up the spigots on American oil and gas to Europe, leaving the normally feckless Europeans even less interested in taking actions. (They do not need much reason.)

Certainly, one of the aspects of President Obama’s thinking, however small or large, is Obama’s feeling — shared by most if not all Americans, is that Europeans do not carry their weight, and in fact, their percentage of GDP dedicated to defense has always been half of ours.

Name the conflict — Iran, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, even the Middle Eastern Israeli/Palestinian conflict, they are all much closer to Europe than the US. My own reluctance to see the US further involved is not so much that we should not help, but that we carry too much of the load.

The Dutch situation I have found from all of my reading, is best described in a POLITICO article, found here:

I STRONGLY recommend it!

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