Step Up!

For many years, immigration has required a Sponsor, who would vouch the immigrant has employment, live with the Sponsor or in Sponsor paid housing, and be fed by the Sponsor if employment was not sufficient. It was required that the Sponsor pay for any required insurance if the immigrant could not (or would not) do so.

For the current influx of illegal immigrants, this could work just as well, if those who support them would just open THEIR homes!

Don’t just “like” on Facebook when illegal immigration stories show up — offer to adopt a family!

Step up!

Clicking “like” on Facebook is empty!

Of course not all immigration stories correctly describe the situation. In the U-T pages is a Commentary about the children “immigrating.’

The children are not “immigrating” — they are crashing the gate and jumping to the head of the line!

A 2009 Pew Center determined that 1/3 of all families in Mexico would like to live in the US, and I suspect the numbers may be higher in Central, and possibly South America.

I would support doubling or tripling the LEGAL quotas. STOP CRASHING THE GATES!

Those who support the illegal immigrants need to step up and adopt a family — then I’ll take them more seriously.

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