Don’t Know Nuthin’ About History

I am sick of reading how the evil Europeans decimated the “Native Americans.” (Actually, they did, but most Native Indians who died never saw a European — they died of Smallpox.)

The way history is being taught these days it is a constant drumbeat of “The US is a terrible place, because our Founders were racists who killed the sweet, loving inhabitants of this land!”

All technologically superior societies overwhelm each and every aboriginal society in history.

Does anyone believe that if the Portuguese, British and Spanish explorers had not found their way to the Americas, that Native Americans would roam the plains unmolested by the modern world today?


Every inch of America, North And South, would have simply been occupied by a different European or Asian nation.

One more recent “occupation” about which I have written extensively, is Hawaii. King Kamehameha recognized that his aboriginal nation would fall to modernity, and sailed to Britain on a British warship to beg the Crown to TAKE Hawaii!

(The Crown refused! What could they possibly do with a bunch of islands in the middle of the Pacific?)

Nevertheless, if you look at a photo of the Hawaiian State Flag, it has the British flag incorporated in it!

Subsequently, a Russian trader established Forts in Hawaii, on Oahu and two on Kauai and tried to get the Russian Czars to take it (they too refused); and a British warship hoisted the British flag over Honolulu and declared it a British colony for a year (The British Admiral in Hong Kong made him stop)…it is just a question of who shall occupy every place.

Considering the Spanish bloody occupation of Central and South America, the Native Americans had the more benign occupation.

All aboriginal societies fall to ANY technological society. You may not like it — and obviously many ignorant bloggers do not like it — but they may just as well curse the tides.

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