Quick Hits

Arghhhh…. The federal government is at it again!

Or, rather, still!

The latest is the Disability Case Processing System, or DCPS. It is just the latest government computer problem, and in this case a $300 million problem.

Sometimes, the computer problems are relatively small but turn out to be a big problem, like the $30 billion fiasco of an electronic fence on the Border that Boeing had canceled by Homeland Security in 2008.

Sometimes it is huge and costly and very visible like Obamacare, which left taxpayers shaking their heads and still today, clutching their wallets.

Now it is a Social Security computer disaster, a $300 million boondoggle that Lockheed Martin agreed to build six years ago, and which, for each of the last few years has been “three or four years away.”


The president has played the “Patriotism” card over US corporations using something called “Inversion” — which can be a US corporation buying a cheaper European company, and the transferring the tax base to a nation — often Ireland, to take advantage of lower tax rates.

The purpose of a corporation is to make money! Period! It is not to employ people, or pay taxes, or donate to charity, it is to make money.

Our president apparently does not understand any of the above.

For more than a few years I was invited to the Law School of the Univ. of San Diego to debate their Professor on the subject, but all of the student lawyers disagreed with me.

Obama is a lawyer…’nuff said.

In fact, I argued (because I believe it), that corporations should not give money to “Doers of good deeds” because — quite simply, it’s not the corporation’s money! It’s the Stockholder’s money!

The Stockholders may individually agree with the “donations” or disagree but it’s their money and they have no choice if the corporation gives the money to political or charitable entities.

Give the money to the Stockholders, and let them decide whom they individually support! They do not march in step, politically or charitably.

Marian High School in Chula Vista is listed by Wikipedia as vacant.


As I recall, the Junior Senator from CorrupTown missed half of his votes in the Senate, so making decisions is not his strong suite. Even the Democrats are grousing that he is just mailing it in until he can make half a mil per speech before his fainting crowds.

That’s O.K. — the world seems to be just fine without US leadership. (Uh-Oh, there goes another crises…power abhors a vacuum, but Russia and Iran can fill it in our absence.)

Latest headline in POLITICO: “Obama immigration Flip-Flop”

“President Barack Obama insisted for years that he had absolutely no legal authority — none whatsoever, zero, zilch — to slow deportations on a broad scale.

Forget everything he’s said.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/07/barack-obama-immigration-rhetoric-then-vs-now-109352.html#ixzz38VJX0h9c


European fecklessness is so ingrained, so cultural, that twice in World Wars we have had to rescue them — partly for tribal reasons. When Europe sneezes, Washington gets a cold. The Capitol should be moved to Kansas City to break the European mindset!

Even today we can’t get them to spend half the % of GDP on defense that we do, and we maintain a presence there just because retaking land is so much more costly than defending it.

The Dutch are traders, not fighters, and Russia is a huge trading partner for them. They may bluster, and so will the EU, but in the end it is all for show.

Putin was a Colonel in the old KGB. He knows!

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