Let’s Not Make The Same Mistake, Again!

Perhaps you remember ACT 10 in Wisconsin, but if you don’t I’ll just bet you remember the thousands of teachers who occupied the Capitol of the State of Wisconsin, and a horde of Democrat Legislators fled across the border to a neighboring state to keep the legislature from having a quorum to pass ACT 10.

The ACT 10 was a bill, offered by newly elected (and embattled) Governor Scott Walker, and the act would, most importantly, make union dues no longer automatically collected by the state, and make unions hold annual elections for re-certification. Unions hate to have re-certification annually.

In a liberal state, or at least in the liberal Capitol of the state where the University of Wisconsin, Madison holds power, these anti-union actions were not just vehemently, but violently fought.

Eventually, the Legislators returned from their motel room exile, the ACT 10 bill passed, and the subject moved to the Courts, led by the Madison Teachers, Inc. and the lawsuit was originally brought by Madison Teachers Inc. and Public Employees Local 61, AFL-CIO.

Initially, their challenge was upheld by a District Judge.

ACT 10 has just been completely upheld by the State Supreme Court by a 5-2 decision, and a liberal Judge wrote the decision.

It is a great day in America.

And now you know why Governor Scott Walker is my first choice for president. He has the management experience as a Governor, and the skill in drafting legislation that other more well-known candidates — like the very popular Dr. Ben Carson — simply do not have.

We have seen what happens when a very popular candidate without management experience becomes president. Let’s not make THAT mistake, again.

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