It is past time for schools to divest themselves of many non-academic activities, but certainly the first is sports.

Sports can quickly and easily be “outsourced” to already existing Little League, Pop Warner, Youth Soccer, and the numerous Boys and Girls clubs and the YMCA and YWCA sports systems.

Bureaucrats worldwide try to grow their domains because larger domains mean larger staffs and larger paychecks, so school bureaucrats have embraced more and larger non-academic activities like busing, cafeteria and, largest of all, sports.

All of these non-academic activities may be desired, but there is no reason they should be managed by schools.


Clinton admitted in an audio tape made years ago in Australia that (in effect) he traded 3,000 innocent Americans lives for 300 innocent Afghanistan lives.

He admitted that ha could have taken Osama out, but feared the missile would destroy an Afghan village.

Nice call, Mr. President. Not.

Local Analysis.; DataQuick says that the million and multimillion dollar market has been great for the first half of 2014, but it has passed over Rancho Santa Fe and is hot only in La Jolla, Del Mar and Coronado — coastal property.

In inland areas like mine, the days of lore are just that, and our rate of price increases, year to year are just a third of 2013, and are likely to remain that way. this is because the rising tide of overall economic advance is still anemic.

The real estate market can no longer lead the economic recovery, and it must rise along with the overall market. We are still 15% to 20% below the top of the market! but that was a bubble.

The recent rapid rise was investor driven, and that has ended. This could be considered a “historically normal” market, driven by wants and needs but not driven by outside forces.

After 37 sporadic years in this business — interrupted by entrepreneurial, corporate and academic forays — I have seen Tulip Craze rises and precipice-dropping falls. Normality lasts a bit longer than the crazy times, so perhaps we can deal with more rational and less hectic markets for a few years.


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