Tunnels Are The New Weapon

There is an excellent review of the timing of the Israeli response, finally executed after thousand of Hamas rockets — apparently there was great intelligence that a mega attack was planned using the tunnels on September 24, during a Jewish religious day.

The photos and video of the tunnels is really shocking to me. I am more accustomed to the rough, cheap tunnels we see in San Diego — used by the smugglers to primarily move drugs and high value illegal aliens across our border with Mexico. Our tunnels are Model T Fords compared to the Ferrari Hamas tunnels.

The last number of tunnels I have heard destroyed by the Israeli Army is 32. You can move a lot of Hamas soldiers and explosives under the Israeli Border to surface in the dead of night on September 24.

The videos of lines of explosives destroying long lengths of tunnel speak for themselves. Mordechai Ben-Menachem reports that John Kerry wanted the Israeli Army to cease the destruction of the tunnels during the cease fire.

I just wonder at the technology that Israelis may have that detects tunnels 100 feet deep, and if they don’t have that technology then surely that is in the works. Mordechai Ben-Menachem (a former researcher/lecturer at Ben-Gurion University) says that everyone in Gaza knew about the tunnels, so the Israelis excellent intelligence services may have known about the tunnels, but may not have known of the number or sophistication.

Right now our southern border is so porous that sophisticated tunnels are not necessary, because “Mules” (usually young illegal with backpacks) can enter the United States at will. Here in San Diego a previous Congressman got a triple fence of corrugated steel erected, and, although the agile can eventually scale them, the raked sand displays their footprints to ever-roaming Border Patrol.

Here the drug smugglers have turned to Panga boats – small boats with outboard motors, too small to be easily detected by Radar but large enough hold 15 people or many bales of marijuana. The boats make so much money they are often just one-way trips and are abandoned on the shore.

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