(Lazy Day) Quick Hits

Uber/LyFt/Sidecar are the new weapon(s) the Republicans are using to carry their message of free enterprise and lower regulation.

While it is true that Democrats are the party of the Big Government, and the usual recipients of union money, including Taxi Union money, it is actually the bureaucrats that want regulations, so they have jobs regulating.

Uber, et al. are just the tip — albeit the visible tip — of business disruption, and that will be followed by political disruption, as politicians line up for Uber or Taxi union money, and and social disruption, as taxi drivers strike or vandalize.


I was watching the PBS Newshour last night, and thought they gave a subject of the ethics of supplying the Ebola pills to our own Doctor and Nurse, while inevitably there are calls for the experimental drug to go to Black African — it is even being studied by the World Health Organization, part of the ever useless United Nations. What they are actually studying is if ANY experimental drug on humans, before it is fully vetted by the usual bureaucratic entities.

Families of dying people, I can say with some personal certainty, will take inordinate chances to save their loved ones.

So, who should first get a limited supply of anything? It would be easy to say, whomever is best able to pay for it — either individuals or nations. Producing a drug can cost billions of dollars, so the cost is astronomical and has to be paid by SOMEONE.

The definition of Economics is the management of scarce resources. There is no question that this serum based in San Diego by a private firm, is scarce, so, in a Free Enterprise system, the serum goes to whomever pays for it.

I know that drives liberals wild. Deal with it — it is an American product, and we can afford it.

That is why not everyone drives a Ferrari!

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