Hurricanes In Hawaii

As an old Hawaii hand, who arrived on Kauai twice immediately after the last two typhoons (one of which broke the Navy wind measuring device at more than 220 MPH, I have seen entire jungles on their sides, restaurants no more than concrete foundations with a single pipe protruding, and sand covering all roads two feet deep. Fortunately, I had access to an old Jeep

I learned that homes on Kauai were often single wall construction, and without heating and air conditioning — basically, homes are built in two manners, either disposable ( most homes), or indestructible (very few.) my digs, which I home exchanged for 19 times, generally eight weeks at a time, was disposable. Neighbors down the street, members of the Getty family, had digs that were built indestructible.

No one brings good furniture because it is likely to be destroyed.

Hawaii is just too prone to earthquakes (not so likely on Kauai because that island is “cooked” — it is more than four million years old and the farthest from the vent that births every Hawaiian island, and continues today on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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