There is an article in the Voice of San Diego about public art, and tax supported art in general.

I have commented that “public art” is “art” done for tax money because the artist can find no rational person to buy such idiocy — but, I corresponded with the greatest Science Fiction writer of all time in my youth, Robert Heinlein, and he wrote it more succinctly: “Support for the arts — Merde! A government supported artist is an incompetent whore!” (From Stranger in a Strange Land.”)


Politico has described the current Iraqi situation as has no one else:

“The United States will not intervene in foreign crises directly — or indirectly by supplying weapons and assistance — except when it does. Obama needs explicit authorization and funding from Congress in order to escalate American involvement in ongoing conflicts around the world — except when he doesn’t.”

Read more:


Uber/LyFt/Sidecar are the new weapon(s) the Republicans are using to carry their message of free enterprise and lower regulation.

While it is true that Democrats are the party of the Big Government, and the usual recipients of union money, including Taxi Union money, it is actually the bureaucrats that want regulations, so they have jobs regulating.

Uber, et al. are just the tip — albeit the visible tip — of business disruption, and that will be followed by political disruption and social disruption.

This from the Washington Post:

“Cabdrivers are joining labor unions, labor organizers and cab companies are lobbying jointly, and rival taxi executives are sharing notes and filing complaints and lawsuits. Collectively they are resisting an industry that they say threatens their livelihoods and the well-being of consumers.”


I was watching the PBS Newshour recently, and thought they gave a subject of the ethics of supplying the Ebola pills to our own Doctor and Nurse, while inevitably there are calls for the experimental drug to go to Black African — it is even being studied by the World Health Organization, part of the ever-useless United Nations. What they are actually studying is if ANY experimental drug on humans, before it is fully vetted by the usual bureaucratic entities.

Families of dying people, I can say with some personal certainty, will take inordinate chances to save their loved ones.

In the case of the San Diego experimental drug, it is a private company and can sell, or give it to anyone they damn well please!


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  1. The Food and Drug Administration has the authority to grant (or not grant) the right to distribute drugs, especially new drugs. Their vetting is for our safety albeit highly bureaucratic. They have granted permission to use new drugs on critically ill patients prior to their final approval for general use. This is the case of the Ebola drug. Only after the FDA approves the drug can the manufacturer sell/give it to anyone they choose.

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