Texas Politics In One Easy Lesson

O.K. Let me try to Cliff Note the Texas Governor indictment.

Some democratic lawyer was head of some political investigative unit in Texas, an investigative unit funded by the state. (Which one hardly makes a difference!)

Said lawyer got herself arrested for a DUI (3X the legal limit.), and the Governor insisted she resign.

She said No.

The Governor threatened to cut her budget if she didn’t resign.

She said No.

He cut her budget! (He has a line item veto.)

His was as much a promise as a threat, and he kept his promise.

The Governor is being charged with threatening her — well, not her exactly, but her agency.

That seems righteous to me — a governor of a state, whose treasury pays the salary of an employee found guilty of DUI with three times the appropriate limit to drive in that state should have the power to threaten that if employee doesn’t resign he will cut her budget! He has line item veto power in his state over the budget, and with that power he can cut a line item for any reason — but the head of a department with that record — certainly.

It’s not as if that employee didn’t drive drunk — there are all sorts of video of her in the drunk tank looking and acting drunk. She was an embarrassment to herself, and o the State of Texas.

The indictment has been brought by the Democratic DA of the most liberal county in Texas, strictly because he could. He has a reputation for doing that.

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