The Robotic Beat Goes On

Aloft Hotel in Cuppertino has just hired the first hotel Butler (“Boltr”), and he/she comes to work August 20!

The hotel is part of the Starwood group, and the 123 room hotel serves many visitors to nearby Apple, so naturally all rooms are designed to sync iPhones and iPads but the Butler…ahhh…”Boltr” will deliver to rooms the necessities of life ordered by guests…no tipping allowed, unless you consider the Tweets to the Front Desk of approval to be a tip.

Tests have shown the Boltr can easily navigate the corridors and the elevator, freeing the staff to do other things, and it will be available in other Starwood Hotels shortly.

This is not unlike the “Waiters” who deliver trays of food to patrons in China, and it just continues the movement to replace menial labor with automation. Menial labor is the easiest to replace because they have low skill requirements, but cause management the most trouble.

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