Justice! (It is different from the law.)

There is an interesting case in Texas, one that delineates the difference between my home state and…well anywhere else.

Two young boys were involved with pushing the family’s broken down truck home at night on a dusty road, and were just yards from their home when they were struck and killed by drunken driver.

Minutes later, the drunken driver was shot and killed. The father of the two dead children has been charged with murder.

In rural Texas there is no chance in hell that the father will be convicted. There is huge local sympathetic support for the father, who denies the killing of the drunken driver who killed his children. No weapon has been found, but similar ammunition was found in the home.

It was in Texas where, in 2012, a father killed the man found molesting his son, and the father was not even indicted. This indictment is surprising considering the hurdles for getting a conviction.

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