Committed to Ideology

So, what does my reading of the new book on Kim Philby have to do with the beheading of the US journalist?

It may seem to be tangential, but actually the concept appears to be quite a lot.

The executioner had what is described as an upper-class British accent, and the Prime Minister of Britain has cut short his vacation to direct MI5 and MI6 to try to identify which of the some 200 British fighters working for ISIL might have committed the beheading.

Kim Philby became a dedicated Communist in college, and over a 40 year career he betrayed his country, many, many friends, three wives and family, and was personally responsible for the deaths of about 8,000 agents and their families — some of whom he personally recruited, armed, sent abroad in secret and informed his Russian Case officer the same day. Even after the complete disintegration of Communism in the fall of the Soviet Union, the disgraced Philby, living in a drab Moscow apartment still supported Communism but thought it was mis-managed by bad people.

There is something in the human soul that causes some people to abandon their country and their friends, and not just move to a country more to their liking, but actively work against their birth country by betray it and their friends.

Of course you don’t understand it, just as you may not understand homosexuality, or bigamy, or any religion not your own.

Of course we live in a more technical era. We live in an era when an Israeli missile can destroy the family home where a head of Hamas is believed to be hiding.

The executioner is a marked man. The world is not big enough to hide him. There are sufficient electronics, firepower, rewards, drones….we will find him, but in the end he doesn’t care. The executioner knows that Iraq and Syria will be turned upside down and that in the end he will pay for what he did. In an ideology where people strap suicide vests and drive suicide cars, do you think the executioner is worried?

Of course not. He is committed. He was masked not to stop the death he so richly deserves but to cause the US to commit major resources, time and money.

And, that by the way is the secondary reason we pursue both Al-Queds and ISIL — to keep them from plotting against the US. The difference is that we have resources to burn, while their resources are very limited.

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