Our Economic Dominance is Ebbing

When one looks at the GDP of nations and collective nations (Regions), it becomes apparent that our world dominance is ebbing.

The European Union, which is listed by the IMF as a single entity, is listed first(all numbers in trillions):
European Union[n 1] 17,371,618[16]
United States 16,799,700

But more importantly, we are losing even that position yearly to China as noted by the closing Delta, even in the last two years noted by the IMF:

US United States 16,244,600
China. 8,358,400

US United States 16,799,700
China 9,181,377[n 2]

Just to save you the math, the delta was 7,886,200 (trillion) in 2012; and 7,618,323 (trillion) in 2013.

Yes the gap is closing because (probably among other things), the educational standards of the US are eroding. As older Americans with better educations leave the workforce, the Delta will decrease more quickly.

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